Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tooling around in my Red Bug

Hi all,
It has truly been a busy day. Wow what a day. We had a wonderful brunch at the Jekyll Island Club. I am not sure what was the best part. The fantastic steak or the Paris Breast and Chocolate Decadence for dessert. Loved every bit. We then did a little shopping and spent a little money at the shops on Pier Road. The afternoon was a bit relaxed with some heading for the beach, some gathering to chat and some playing games. We ended the evening munching down on the wonderful Shrimp Sherrie and Mike Cooper provided. Fantastic dinner with sundaes and cake for dessert. Nita baked two fabulous pound cakes. I wish they had been lost somewhere so I could have found them when no one was around because I think I would sneak them away.

So what did I mean by my title? The most fantastic thing is John managed to snag us a couple of Red Bugs. They are little electric cars that are just way too much fun to tool around in. I think John created Red Bug Monsters because Neely and I had way too much fun playing Red Bug Chauffeurs. I want one of those little cars!!!. You can see them here
Ok more later.

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Malinda said...

I truly miss you! This at 1:12 am, Monday Morning. If I was there, I'd be sleeping, I'm sure! Y'all have fun for me!