Thursday, July 24, 2008

My wonderful surprise

I have not had a chance to share this yet but Malinda pulled off a surprise on me. Imagine my face, and yes a few tears were on it when I opened several large boxes presented to me by Neely. In them were several beautiful pieces of Tika Hasslock Seafood Celebration dishes that I have been coveting. I was given the gumbo tureen, and the biggest platter I have ever seen and a pasta bowl. In addition, I found a wonderful selection of barware to put in my new bar! The Tika Hasslock is what I am decorating my kitchen in and yes I have just the place for them. I will just have to hire someone to come climb the ladder to put them there. I can not begin to thank Malinda enough for my surprise and I know there are others that contributed. I honestly am not sure who yet since Neely has the list but I will find out but I love all of you for doing this.

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