Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Calendar Birthday is Today

July 24 is the day I was born, but Tuesday July 22 was the best birthday party I have ever had! In the midst of all the revelry--graduation videos from 1957, washboard band songs, Copy Cat films, Jimmie's book excerpts, Lynn's "Pinderella" recitation--I was oblivious to the fact that everyone in the room was conspiring to catch me by surprise. And they did!!!

Holding a big cellophane wrapped basket (thinking it was part of Neely's presentation), I listened with interest as she read a darling poem about Malinda being unable to come to Wretreat. And then I heard my name and saw them all looking at me. The light finally dawned and I tore into the basket to find photo albums, colored papers, stickers, tape--everything I will need to make two Creative Memories scrapbooks. I am so excited, but most of all, I feel so much love from so many special people.

This morning as I walked alone on the beach and reflected on the week, I was impressed once more with how lucky I am to be a part of this incredible network that began for me 55 years ago at a small town in the Golden Triangle of Mississippi. Without understanding the implications of my decision to attend MSCW, I began to "travel the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference."

Love y'all --- Donette

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