Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shopping Shopping Shopping... and a few Tattoos thrown in

Well folks,
Yesterday Sheila and I decided that we were going to beat he heat and head off to St. Simon's early for our shopping. We had the best time roaming the stores. I only dropped a few hundred in the first hour. Sheila on the other hand dropped only $5.65. I told her she needed to get busy. She eventually started trying to catch up. We ended up at a little tattoo parlor...aka store. We had promised Miss Brenna we would get henna tattoos. You know us wild 80's gals.. So Sheila is now sporting a very pretty butterfly and floral band around her ankle and me.... well it was Sheila's idea and she made me do it. I now have a little westie on each ankle with Misty and Stormy's names on them. We then headed over to Barbara Jean's for lunch and had just sat down when in walks Doc Mary and Jan who told us a crowd was coming. So the others had finally woken up (It was noon mind you) and were headed over. We had the best time. After lunch we headed off for more shopping and Jimmie made me make a purchase. I had been telling people for days "I have never met a hat that looks good on me". Well Jimmie found one and made me buy it. Lillian and Jenijoy approved it so I now own a sporty hat with a black bow. Yes that would be Del in a hat with a BOW on it LOL. OK I am off to jump in the shower now to head over for my Massage by Neely.

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