Sunday, July 27, 2008

Settled back in at home...

So I have just now read Del's comments about rolling me out of bed to go beachcombing. Ha! I am a champion sleeper, aren't I? Even took a nap on the couch this afternoon.

I will post the Zippy Chronicles soon. Some of you know that Sudie Lockridge sent me a precious stuffed zebra last year and he traveled with me to Jekyll. Zippy had a great time and go to do all sorts of things. Carla has seen the Zippy pictures and has serious doubts about my sanity.

It's hard to imagine Wretreat anywhere but Jekyll. I know that Neely needs a break (Del is constitutionally unable to take a break) so we'll have to pick on someone else next year.

Some of y'all post some more pictures!

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