Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Misty and Stormy Update #3

Hi every one,
Stormy here. I am taking a break from squirrel watching just to write this so I have to hurry... Yesterday was a long day for us. Our mom left us. I think she said she had shopping to do but so far I haven't seen anything yet. The day kept going by and no mom. Miss Jan finally took us out to potty. Our mom had called frantic because she knew we probably really needed to go and she was not back yet. Then she got back and took us for a ride in the Red Bug to go see one of our favorite people. We couldn't believe it that Miss Nita was at that house. We love Miss Nita because we got to go see her on the mountain once. I made sure she knew that I would protect her from bears if I was there at her house!! We played a bit and then mom came to get us. We needed to help out with the cooking... well the floor cleaning at least. yummo we love it when spills happen and are always ready to help deal with that problem! This morning Miss Jan and the Doc left early. I think they are going fishing and they left Lizzie with us. We really are trying to make friends.
OK back to those squirrels... no wait better yet here comes breakfast!!!!
Love ,

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