Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beachcombing at its best!

First I apologize for adding these updates after we got back but I honestly had little time to do this before now.

I finally managed to convince a couple people to join me early in the morning for a little beach combing. It took a little extra effort to roil Swear out of bed but Sheila was up and ready by 6:15. Once we got Swear up and she had changed out of her zebra pants and gathered Zippy the three of us and Misty and Stormy headed for the beach. I adore the beach early in the morning. Sheila and Swear were a bit skeptical but were troopers and willing to go along. But once we were there and they found their first "treasure" the hunt was on and they were sold. We had the best time and spent 2 hours strolling, chatting, and finding treasures. We found many sand dollars and lots of shells. It was a great time and both Sheila and Swear wished they had done it sooner. After that we all got cleaned up a bit and grazed on some leftovers. Later that day the three of us joined up again and went tooling around the entire island on the Red Bug. We stopped to do a little more shopping before heading back to the house.

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