Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Amy J Report

Hi all! I'm sorting out myriad pics from Wretreat and wanted to share. Here are some from the first of the week.

~ Anna Kate and me after getting to Jekyll on Sat. We were so glad to get there after 2 days of driving! ~

~ Moss Cottage. We were so lucky to have John taking us around, and he has the coolest job! ~

~ Cutting board at Moss Cottage . . . one piece of wood . . . it doesn't really look it in the pic, but it was at least a couple of feet across and waist-hugh in height. ~

~ Anna Kate and "Granny Sheila" on the tram (for those who don't know, Sheila is my Rogue great-granny); they were fast buddies on the trip! ~

~ Spanish moss on Jekyll. There's something extremely cool about it to me. Of course, I think Donette's drawings of the moss-covered trees are the best!! ~

Well, Darrell is wanting to play a golf game on the computer, so I'm being booted off for the time being. I'll post more pics in a bit!

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