Sunday, July 20, 2008

Misty and Stormy's UWretreat Update #2

Hi everyone,
Misty here... My brother is too busy watching for something out the window to mess on a computer. He has no idea what he is watching for I think but if he is out of my hair yea for me. So yesterday we finally got to hit the beach. I don't like that water much so refused to get even one little hair wet. Stormy on the other hand just went right in. Miss Sheila said "Oh look Stormy caught a wave". Mom says that as soon as we stop playing on this computer and she gets a cup of coffee or two we are going for a walk on the beach!!! yea. I wonder if I will find any of those creepy crawly things like last year. They were so much fun to chase well they were until one pinched my nose. The gall I just wanted to play.
OK more later.

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