Thursday, July 24, 2008

Looking like another jammie day

Hello all --- we're up and going at Sand Dollar, sort of. Nita and Jill left earlier to drive back to Virginia so it's a bit emptier here. Sheila and I are still in our jammies although she at least is working on becoming presentable to the outside world.

Had the best gumbo last night, thanks to our Del. Del, incidentally, is the hardest working woman in Wren business. Never have I seen someone chop and stir and mix and cook so much. One thing about Wretreat -- the food is fabulous. Remember the freshman 15? There is at least the Wretreat 5!

Your PR committee is doing a bit of work while we're here. I think that justifies all the fun we're having.

One really fun thing has been looking at the various yearbooks; the oldest is from 1955. Nita also brought some of the recruiting materials from her student days -- they would make you want to enroll all over again. Also, Doc Mary brought a huge book of Spectators from her years and they are fascinating. All of these make you realize and appreciate the treasure we have and must preserve.

Love to all -- Swear

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