Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day one.. totally exhausting!!!

Ok so John, Neely, Jenijoy, Sheila and I started our day at where else... The Waffle House! After that we raced over and picked up three huge boston butts to pull for BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. We then moved on to taking my van out to Jekyll to unload since Parker Kaufman very kindly allowed us to check in early. Neely stood by totally amazed at how much stuff cam out of the Delmobile. She said my car top carrier was like a clown car where things just kept on coming out. We then headed to Walmart where we proceeded to fill 4 yesss FOUR buggies with stuff. We suddenly realized Neely's smaller car would not hold everything and that we would not be done by 4 so back over the bridges to the island to get my van and for Neely to go get keys and start checking us in. We did so well with our shopping. We then came back and went to work cooking and dividing up all the supplies. We recruited Amy J to make chicken salad. Sheila went to work pulling pork and making Italian potatoes and laying out cookies and crackers for the evening meal. That pulled pork was sooo good.
OK I am about to fall asleep over my keyboard..More in teh am.
Love y'all

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