Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Morning

Hi all,
I am sitting drinking a cup of coffee. I can only steal a signal if I sit in one spot in the house so I will try and get a computer set up today where anyone can post if they want. We are headed out shortly to do the tour of the historical district directed by the fantastic and famous Jekyll Historian, John Hunter. You may know him better as Neely's husband. After that we are headed off to Brunch at the Jekyll Island Club. Sheila has pictures from yesterday and we will get some posted this afternoon. Thank God Amy J is here or she would already be pestering for pictures. I am going to give a blogging lesson this afternoon so you will hopefully stop hearing only from me. I want people to get on and just fill this thing up so all of you will be sooooo jealous that you will all block out the dates for Wretreat 2009 as soon as they are announced.
OK off to the beach with my pups.

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Linda said...

Love the blog and can't wait for the various Wretreaters to start writing! But, Del, that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep writing, too! And, of course, Stormy and Misty's reports must continue!