Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Having Phun Meeting Cool W Peeps

Many, if not most of you know that I have been absent from any event, happening, and/or occurrence W related since about 1985, with the exception of a trip in 1988 to meet with Dr. Clyda Rent on campus. I had not set foot, even in Columbus since that Rent trip until Sherrie (Cheryl Jackson Cooper) and I went to Welty Weekend back in October of last year (2007).

Baby's back...because even Limbert can't put baby in a corner (Dirty Dancing movie reference for you "kids").

So now, I want to talk about coming to wretreat.

I have meet some of the most intriguing, articulate, funny, admirable, unselfish, delightful, honorable, fair, entertaining and clever people on the planet.

While there has not been time to spend with each one individually it is beneficial for you readers because should there have been, I would have had a list of attributes much, much longer! 

I know this was supposed to be a retreat (yes, I meant the hard "r" and not the "wre" for this point) yet, it has been something of a revelation within me, one that perhaps has been there but dormant for years.

This revelation, you'll say, is not anything others have not had, and had them long, long ago, about W grads, because they remained in touch, went to homecomings and met others from outside there classes and times at the W. 

Still, it is the most phenomenal group of people with whom I've ever been associated.

Add to this the children, spouses, partners and significant others that have attended this year and you have just as exceptional, incredible, unordinary, and phun peeps as us W alums.

Later, I plan on posting some of my photos taken thus far, so stay tuned.

For those of you wishing you had come to wretreat and perhaps hoping you will next year, plan now. You owe it to yourselves to come to at least one of these in your lifetime.

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