Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wretreat 2010 - Jekyll Island

Last Chance! If you want to weigh in on Wretreat dates for 2010, please fill out this survey form.  I'm going to send the results to Courtney for tallying by week end!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Terrry's Wretreat Photos

Hi all,
Terry (Buzz's husband) asked to have this link shared.
Click here to see his photos

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Faith Chapel, brunch at The Club, etc.

Sunday morning, John took us on a tour and we saw many historic buildings on the grounds of Jekyll Island, of which he is curator. We got to see Faith Chapel.

It has beautiful stained glass windows by Louis Comfort Tiffany (one of the two signed Tiffany windows in the country, if I remember correctly) and the father/daughter team of Maitland and Helen Armstrong (who worked with L.C. Tiffany and in many ways improved upon his techniques). It's really hard to get a GOOD picture of a stained glass window like this, but I was impressed that Darrell captured this one extremely well.

These are two grotesques, or indoor gargoyles; each grotesque was represented by a different animal.

Below, this window's details are lost a little, but it was done by the Armstrongs and was the most beautiful by far, in my opinion (which is saying a lot, since all the windows were fabulous). Darrell, Anna Kate, and me in front. This was a tremendously gorgeous window - John pointed out that all of the light coming through the chapel windows is pure sunlight.

After our tour, we went to the Jekyll Island Club for brunch. It was awesome, and everybody had a great time! :) L to R: Nita, Doc Mary, Jan, Lynne L., Gail, Siri, Amy J.

Anna Kate by fountain at The Club, and a pretty view sans child

OK, I'm into stained glass. Here is a beautiful window where we had brunch.

Neely, Brenna, and Anna Kate in one of the Red Bugs.

Amy J Report

Hi all! I'm sorting out myriad pics from Wretreat and wanted to share. Here are some from the first of the week.

~ Anna Kate and me after getting to Jekyll on Sat. We were so glad to get there after 2 days of driving! ~

~ Moss Cottage. We were so lucky to have John taking us around, and he has the coolest job! ~

~ Cutting board at Moss Cottage . . . one piece of wood . . . it doesn't really look it in the pic, but it was at least a couple of feet across and waist-hugh in height. ~

~ Anna Kate and "Granny Sheila" on the tram (for those who don't know, Sheila is my Rogue great-granny); they were fast buddies on the trip! ~

~ Spanish moss on Jekyll. There's something extremely cool about it to me. Of course, I think Donette's drawings of the moss-covered trees are the best!! ~

Well, Darrell is wanting to play a golf game on the computer, so I'm being booted off for the time being. I'll post more pics in a bit!

Finalizing the Resolution

The resolution could not be finalized until Zippy approved. President Kym Gore helps Zippy with the big words.

Zippy goes to Wretreat!

Zippy, the wonderful zebra that was a gift from Sudie, went to Wretreat too. Zippy had a wonderful time and wants to share her photo album with you.

Monday, July 28, 2008