Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The big reveal happened last night and gifts were flying! For those of us whose secret Wrens were not here, mailed packages were sent by intermediaries! I lucked out with Linda Ross Aldy as mine as she sent a large package filled with all my favorite things...a book of New Yorker cat cartoons, jelly beans, African lullaby music by Ladysmith Black Mombazo (my absolute favorite group), and a note so sweet and complimentary, it made me blush.

The major event other than that -- and the fabulous "leftovers" meal we ate, was our "talent night!" Jenijoy had given me the task and specific instructions of how long this part of the evening was to be! (This is from memory, not my notes:) We had a blast with the Jimminie Awards, Lynne Luhrsen's version of Cinderella, videos of the graduation from the class of '57 and the 1997 homecoming spectacular that included the Copycats (our own Nita Byrd and Lynne among them." We had singing by own own version of Masker Wahboard Band (with guitar by Darrell and incredible bass line by Bob Payne), a reading from Southern Fried Child, the Steel Magnolia Award presented to Marry Libby by Betty Lou and Lillian's presentation of the "grace under pressure Jan McSpadden Award" to our own Neely. We had a surprise birthday party fro Donette orchestrated by Malinda from far away, followed by another surprise: a kitchen shower for Del, also orchestrated by Malinda (we miss you Malinda!) Angh sang, we ate dessert and the Columbus contingent is leaving this morning. I cannot tell you how GOOD it was for me to touch base with those Columbus girls!

Since I am scheduled for a pedicure at the spa, I had better quit blogging and start getting ready!

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